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Our advantages We understand that everyone has different tastes, but desire, when choosing flowers, one thing is originality.
Our work is the embodiment of your desires with the help of floristic ideas.
Exclusive bouquets of exotic flowers
Individual approach to the design of compositions
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Flowers This is one of the most beautiful creatures of nature, they will not leave anyone indifferent. From ancient times to the present day flowers are present in every person's life. To recall at least one of the seven wonders of the world - the hanging gardens of the Semiramids or the flowers in the gardens of Eden. Throughout the history of mankind, they inspire creative people to create paintings, melodies, and aromas.

Do you want to please your loved ones with a bouquet and bring in their life a holiday and magic? Or maybe you dream of a cozy garden or want to replenish the collection of indoor plants? Then we are waiting for you! Our Flower Studio "MEGAFLORA" invites you to join the beautiful and pleasantly surprise you with a variety of plants, a range of flowers to create bouquets and ready-made compositions.